Puppy Classes


With every new puppy comes questions about feeding, grooming, exercising and health. BOSS's Puppy University will give you an opportunity to find out just what you need to know about raising that bundle of energy.

For healthy development, puppies need to play and socialize with other dogs and people. They must also be exposed to a variety of sounds, textures and objects. At BOSS, we structure these activities so your puppy is introduced to the great big world in a positive manner. 

Graduates of Puppy University are encouraged to continue training and healthy development by taking a Family Dog Class.
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Family & Community Dog Classes


As dogs mature, they go through learning and development phases, just like children and training needs to adapt to each stage. These classes provide the knowledge and teach the dog skills needed to be a good companion in the home and to become a well-behaved dog at the vet, groomer and out in public.

Training in these classes emphasizes polite behaviors, such as walking on lead without pulling, coming when called, sitting and laying down, waiting at doors and meeting and greeting skills. As with all training, practice and reinforcement by all members of the family are key. 
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Agility Classes


Agility requires the dog to focus on you the handler and navigate obstacles; such as, jumps, tunnels, weave poles and dog walks. It can be done for fun or for competition. Can you remember sequences, think fast, sprint and turn on a dime and like to beat the clock?  If you say yes, then agility is right for you.

Our advanced classes will teach the skills needed for competition in either UKI or USDAA trial events. Focus classes for a specific skill will sometimes be offered. Private lessons may be in order to help you over a trouble spot. 
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Nose Works Classes

Dogs learn their environment through their sense of smell. It tells them what they need to know about people, dogs, other animals and sources of food.  Nose Works classes are based on the training used to train dogs to perform search and rescue, narcotics and explosive detection.

These classes are less physically demanding for the owner, but for the dogs, the task is intense. Dogs use the largest part of their brain and must concentrate on regulating their breathing to analyze the odor, the direction and actual location of the smell be it food, a critter or another odor. 
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Rally & Obedience Classes

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Rally classes are a great way to reinforce, practice and build upon what you learned in Family and Community classes. Even if you decide never to compete, performing the sits, downs, stays, pivots and turns necessary to navigate a rally course provides the mental and physical exercise your dog needs. You may even find your dog has the skill to enter a Rally trial.

Competition obedience requirements for heeling, recall, sit and stay are more stringent than for rally and these classes are geared for those wishing to enter trials and earn a title. 
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Specialty Classes & Other Sports 

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People are finding more ways to have fun and bond with their dogs. BOSS encourages you to try different activities and sports to see what you like, because you don't know until you try. 

We will be having body awareness, trieball and disc dog classes as instructors are available. If there is an activity you would like us to offer, please let us know!
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