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Beginner Swim Class is on Tuesday Night at 6pm.   This is a 4 week session that will introduce your dogs to swimming and start working on jumping off the dock.    There will be an instructor in the water to insure your dog safety and enjoyment.  The pool also can be rented for you to enjoy time with swimming

These classes begin September 3rd at 6PM.

Advanced Swim Class: This is a 4 week session dogs that are swimming with confidence and increase endurance. Dogs will be introduced to pushing off the ramp and jumping from the dock. For those dogs jumping we will focus on dock strategy, throwing techniques and reduced hesitation.

These classes begin September 5th at 6:30PM

Scent Work Classes: Two times: Monday’s at 10 AM, Tuesdays at 6PM

We have both morning and evening Scent Work Classes.    Come join us on Monday at 10 am and Tuesday at 6pm for Intro to Scent Work.   Here your dog will be introduced to Birch.  We use positive behaviors and games to keep your dog involved and interested.     These classes begin Sept 9th & 10th

Body Awareness Class will be offered this fall.   This class is so much fun for both handler and dog.  This class helps with your dog understanding where all four feet are placed.   Your dog will learn the proper way to jump and balance.  Move through obstacles and different services.    Balance is the name of the game in this class.   This class starts on Sept  11th at 5PM


Tricks Class is held on Thursday at 6pm. This is a fun class that you can learn great tricks for your Therapy dog or just to enjoy showing off when family and friends come. These tricks are taught with positive behaviors and games. We challenge your dog on their level. We will also be testing for AKC Tricks Titles at the end of each class. Classes Start Sept 12th

Treibball  Class is a great class for both you and your dog.   Here your dog will learn to think for themselves.   You learn how to trust and work with your dog at a distance.   You dog will learn how to read your body and verbal commands.    This is one of the best connection classes that I know of.   This class is taught with small behaviors.  The behaviors are chained through use of games.    Using this class for foundation work for any sport that requires distance work is great.      Herding dogs excel at this game.   This class is taught on Monday at 6pm and 7pm.    Class starts on Sept 9th

Tea Cup Agility Class is for those dogs 18” and below.   The equipment and tunnels have also been reduced.    There is nothing any cuter than a little dog doing Agility.    What they lack in height, they make up with heart.  This class will help you and your dog understand how to move gracefully through obstacles.  Strategy and the understanding the rules of Agility is the name of the game in this class.   Using positive behaviors and games make this class a popular class.   Join Teri Emmi on Thursday at 6pm.    Class starts on Sept 12