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Swimming is the best exercise a dog can do. 5 minutes of swimming is reported to be the cardio equivalent of a 5 mile walk. Benefits Include:

  • Strengthens Tendons & Joints

  • Improves Muscle Tone & Strength

  • Increases Stamina & Endurance for Performance Events

    • Agility, Tracking, Weight Pull, Disc/UpDog, etc…

  • Improves Overall Fitness & Tone

  • Weight loss

Beginner Swimming & Advanced Dock Diving Lessons

Has your dog never been in water beyond a bath? Are you wanting to be competitive with your swimming dog? BOSS is here to help…

  • Swimming Classes & Private Lessons for Beginners

  • Advanced Classes & Private Lessons for Dock Huggers

  • Competitive Coaching for You and Your Dog

    • Throwing Techniques

    • Dock Placement Strategies

    • Fetch It Classes



Therapy Swim

Is your dog recovering from surgery or an injury? Is your dog over weight or in need of overall conditioning? A Therapy swim may be just the medicine your canine buddy needs. BOSS will provide an instructor in the water with your dog for therapy swims. (Please consult your Veterinarian to understand if swimming is appropriate for your dog).