A Pool Orientation is Required

BOSS wants to ensure the safety of your dog(s), our customers and staff. During the pool orientation you and any others who handle your dog, will be shown the facility, location of supplies, advised of the Pool Rules and have the procedures for reserving pool time explained. 

A Swim Evaluation is Required

 Before your dog’s first swim, we want to determine how comfortable your dog is with the water and gauge his/her fitness level and swimming ability. 

For dogs new to the water and beginners, BOSS will provide a life jacket for use during the Swim Evaluation. A BOSS Staff member or you will be in the water holding your dog. Each evaluation is specific to the dog’s ability and will include how to safely enter and exit the pool. It may also include: floating, dog paddling, swimming, toy retrieval and/or dock jumping. After this evaluation the trainer will recommend the appropriate swim class or pool times for your dog. 

Health Requirements

Your dog’s rabies vaccination and distemper vaccination/titer must be current. Additionally, he/she must have had a fecal examination within the last 12 months. BOSS will keep documentation on file.  If any of these have expired at the time of your appointment, your dog will not be allowed to swim and you will forfeit your registration fee. 

Dogs that have vomiting, diarrhea or skin sores or infections may not use the pool. Handlers with open wounds, new body piercings or recent surgery may not enter the water. 

Reservations & Cancellation

  • A reserved time will be released if not paid 24 hours in advance
  • You must reschedule your reserved time at least 12 hours in advance to receive a refund 
  • No refunds are given for cancellation of reserved time


  • You must check in before using the pool
  • Break every 15 minutes for your dog to rest and potty
  • Dogs may not be dropped into the water or forced in any way
  • Dogs must use the ramp to swim or to exit the pool 
  • Handlers must use the ladder to access the pool
  • Children under 7 are not allowed in the water or on the dock
  • Handlers under 18 must have a guardian  present
  • Beginner dogs must wear a life vest until BOSS staff advises otherwise
  • One dog in the water at a time
  • No treats, food or drinks on the dock
  • No glass containers in pool area
  • Sick dogs (vomiting, diarrhea, sores or infections) may not use the pool 
  • If the dog fouls the pool, the session ends and you must notify the staff. There is a fee of $25-$250 based upon extent of cleanup required.  


  • Check in 15 minutes early so you use all your pool time
  • 1 hour reservations start on the hour 
  • 30 minute reservations start either on the hour or on the half hour
  • The last 5 minutes of pool time is for exiting the water and cleaning up the area around the dock
  • Alternate swim times and rest times for each dog with other handlers

What to Bring

  • Proof of current vaccinations and fecal examination, if not already on file with BOSS
  • Your dog, but it is a good idea to feed him/her 3-4 hours before swimming or wait until you are done
  • Optional, flat fitted dog collar & soft flat toys to prevent swallowing too much water
  • A flotation vest for a non-swimmer or beginner dogs (Provided only for Swimming Evaluations and during Splash Events)
  • Wear non-slip shoes (water shoes or tennis shoes)
  • Wear quick drying clothes and bring a change of clothes
  • Bring towels for you and your dog