Blu's Guide to Rat Care....Chapter 3

Hello, BLU here again.  Have you ever wondered what went on in the BOSS Rat Room after everyone leaves?  We have so much fun.

One of the first things we all do is waiting for the lights to go out.  Then we wait again.  We hear the door close and the bell ring.  There is silence, well almost.   Now we all stand still for want seems forever.   Robin Hood and his Merry Men are in the human office so they tell us when it is all clear.    Little John runs to his wheel to run as fast as he can then sits in the wheel.  Robin Hood comes out also and hits the water bottle three times.  He does it better than anyone.  Once the alarm is sounded the Merry Men all come out to play.  They hold a boxing match in their tank.  They have a 100 gallon tank so it is easy.  They also have 4 Merry Men living in their tank.  Robin Hood keeps us all informed of who is winning.  Sometimes they are funny.  They have gotten so fat that they cannot box for long.  They fall over often.

The babies from the Nursery will then wake up and start playing hide and go seek.  Actually they are not very good at it yet.  We can spot then from across the room.  They still run around the tank as if they are in the woods.  The little white with grey are really easy to spot.  Poor thing should have been black to play that game.    The Nursery race then begins.  They scurry around all over the tank as if they were race cars.  Now that is entertaining.   The shavings start flying and they even managed to knock the wheel over one night.   They are so funny because they have no clue how to stop. 

Huey, Duey and Louie live in the snake tank in the middle of the rat room.  Please don’t tell them, no one else wants to live in their tank.  At first we thought it was the tank that bad rats went to but, NOT.    These rats are comedians.    They spend their evening dancing and standing on their head.  They also sit on top of their log house pretending that they are on top of a mountain.    It is a rumor around the rat room that there must be something in their water.

Light Foot and I watch the tank next door to us. There are four very unusual rats.  I understand the human will be getting another 100 gallon tank and they will be moving to it.   They brag about it every night.  This has been going on for some time so not all of us believe them.   None the less, they spend their night playing Army. First they roll all over the floor of their tank.  They tell us it is to change their scent so the other rats cannot find them. Light Foot and I have pondered this thought but we think that they would smell MORE like a rat.  Oh well it still is funny.   They stalk each other and even get on top of their house.  Once on the house, they spend the evening jumping on each other as they come out of the house.  Then they will laugh and roll all over the tank.  I would think that after you jump on me once or twice coming out of my house, I would stop coming out.    This is what makes it so funny. 

Soon the night comes to an end and the fun is all over and everyone is tired so we all go to our houses and wait for the next night.