Blu's Guide To Rat Care....Chapter 2

BOSS Rat Care

Chapter 2

Hello again,  BLU here.  Yesterday a couple of my friends were moved out of their tanks and into a smaller one.  I asked the older rats why.  They said that the rats were loosing weight and getting older.  They were not going to be allowed to play the Barn Hunt game anymore.  What will happen to them?   They are placed into retirement homes where they can receive special care.  A RED tag is on their tanks that says “RETIRED” and they are able to live out the rest of their lives in retirement.  BOSS takes very good care of their rats.  I am glad that I am a BOSS rat.  

A couple of weeks ago new baby rats arrived to the Nursery.  Wow they are so cute.  The babies are grey and white, solid black and a grey rat. Baby rats that are about 6 -8 weeks old go into the Nursery.   They are a little scared but all the BOSS rats are telling them that they have come to the best place ever.  The new babies are handled each day and will stay in the Nursery until they are about 6-8 months old.  The human will then place them in a clear tube so that she can see if they rollover when the tube is rolled.  If we can keep ourselves up right then we get to play the Barn Hunt Game.     

It is very important also not to bite the humans. I have never bitten one but I am told that they bleed just like us.  One of my friends has bitten them and said they tasted nasty.    Most of us do not try to bite but every once and a while a new human tries to catch us.  Now that scares us.  We just may bite by accident.      

Sometimes my human will leave the top off our tank.  Not sure why but it did not bother us.  We went to our house and covered up the door until our human returned.   Once, one of our friends, named BOB, decided to leave his tank.  It was so scary.  We all watched to see what he did.  He only ran around the room yelling “HELP”.   He just wanted back in his tank.  He had no water or food.  We thought he would die!   We all felt sorry for him.   He had to sleep on the cold concrete floor.  Our human returned the next day and picked him up and put him back in his tank.  His friend Rex was soooo glad to see him.   He thought he was going to have to live in his tank alone for the rest of his life.     That evening we all chattered great sounds of joy because he was home.       

comfort wheel.jpg

Almost everyone has a rat wheel.  These are great.    Kaytee Giant Comfort Exercise Wheel, 12-Inch, Colors Vary by Super Pet     You can get them off Amazon or at PetsMart.  I like to keep in shape for the Barn Hunt Game.  We also have hiding logs and pipes.   I do not fit in the logs any more but they were fun when I was young. 

You never know when our human will give us a roll with white paper on it.  Now we all love that.   There is not a lot of paper but just enough to make a soft bed.  Not sure where that comes from but we love it!  It does not have a lot of smell to it either but boy is it soft.