Blu's Guide to Rat Care....A three Part Series

BOSS Rat Care

Chapter 1


Hello, my name is BLU.  I am a BOSS rat.  I have the best life EVER!   I live in a 40 gal fish tank with my best friend Light Foot.  We have lots of room to play and goof off.   I have a wooden house that is really nice.  Actually we have one of the better homes we think.   Our house has a window and a patio on the roof.  Light Foot and I enjoy changing the shavings in our house.  We can even push all the shavings and close off the door.  Light Foot and I did this and got a good chuckle when the human lifted the house just to see if we were in there. Silly human, where would we go?

Once a month the rat room at BOSS is bustling.  Lots of things happen.  One at a time our tanks are changed.   I love this time.  The human takes all of our litter out and we get new Aspin Litter.  Our human said this was the only kind of litter that we get.  Aspin Litter does not cause dust.  When our tanks get dusty then I begin to cough.  My human checks our litter often to see if it is dark in color.   IF it is dark, then we get new litter.  Light Foot and I like to play a good trick on our human by coughing or sneezing.  She is so soft she will soon change our litter.  Silly human. 

Our water bottles are cleaned often.  Not sure why she does this but I like it.  The other rats tell me that she does this so we do not get sick. COOL!  Along with the water bottles, our tank glass is cleaned.  This part I do not like.   It takes me months to get all the glass marked with my urine so no one will come in our tank.  What is she thinking?  Now Light Foot and I have to start all over again.    By the time we get it marked up she is back again cleaning.

The best part of our tank life is the feeding.  We get fed every other day.  What a feast.  We get the same feed most of the time but we actually do not know when fun things show up in our bowl.  I am told that our Rat Food comes from Amazon.  Kaytee Supreme Mouse and Rat Food, 20-lb bag by Kaytee.   I also understand that the UPS man is not happy when our food arrives.   Our human never buys just one.    My favorite food is the Honey Nut Cheerios.   Light Foot and I fight over who will be able to eat the most.  They are the yummiest little circles EVER!   The next best thing is the Sunflower seeds. 

Some of the other things that we get are carrots, cheese, broccoli, almonds, walnuts and even Cheetos.  Cheetos are awesome to... but we only get them every once in awhile.   All the Rats at BOSS know when a Barn Hunt is going to happen. Our food changes about two weeks before and our tanks get a little stinky.  When our tanks stink…. It is a feast that Kings would get.    I do not care what I have to do for this food, I am ready.