Get the Ball Rolling: New Canine Sporting to Improve Skills and Have Fun!

 Photo: American Treibball Association

Photo: American Treibball Association

Author Teri Emmi

From the American Treibball Association …“Treibball (pronounced Tribe-ball) originated in Germany and means “push ball.” In Treibball, your dog learns to go out into a playing field and push balls, one by one, to the handler with direction and control. The game is simple to play and train, requires nothing more than inflatable balls and a great love of working with your dog. The sport is low impact for both the handler and dog, and since dogs work one at a time in Treibball, mildly reactive dogs can join in the fun, too.”

So what is it - Treibball is a herding-like game/sport that can be played and enjoyed by almost any dog and their humans. Treibball is a strategic game for both you and your dog(s) that uses problem solving skills.   An exercise ball appropriate for the size of your dog is really all you need to start! A full game uses 8 balls in a reverse bowling pin pattern with a Soccer ball like goal at the end of the “field” and a “launch pad” for your dog. The most important characteristics are patience and diligence. It builds a close connection between you and your dog and enhances team work.  Above all, the main purpose is fun!

What do you gain?

·         Improved basic obedience and develops fundamental herding like skills;

·         Learning more about your dog and achieving a higher level of connection; 

·         Improves your teams performance in other sports and builds confidence;

·         Applies “Positive Reinforcement” training methods using treats, toys, affection etc..;

·         Targeting objects for touch response;

·         Building skills for “working at a distance”;

·         Controlling sudden urges and stimulus control;

·         Shaping for accuracy;

·         Chaining behaviors which adds more and more activities before formally reinforcing.

Where does it lead?

You can compete in trials just like dog agility, Flybball, Barn Hunt and more.  You can use this lower impact sport to improve mental problem solving and expand range of exercise via diversified movements. Treibball will improve team connections, awareness and overall participation in other sports or just having FUN!

 Patch waiting to go

Patch waiting to go

 Teri and Patch having fun!

Teri and Patch having fun!