Looking for fun things to do with your dog? Check out Fast CAT!

What is a Fast CAT?


Fast CAT is the fastest growing AKC sport.  This is a sport that anyone and every dog can participate in. There is no practice or training necessary.   If your dog loves to run, this is the sport for you and your dog.  This is a 100 yard dash in a fenced 9 to 10 foot wide corridor.  You dog is turned loose at the start line and they chase a lure (plastic bag) and run toward you at the end of the 100 yards safely into a catch pen.  

Your dog’s time will be recorded at the beginning and end of their run by electronic timers.  The time for the 100 yard dash is then converted to Miles Per Hour.  Dogs that are 12 inches or smaller have a 2X multiplier handicap.  Dogs that are between 12 and 18 inches have a 1.5X multiplier handicap.  Dogs greater than 18 inches do not have a handicap.  The dogs MPH is multiplied by the handicap and that will be your AKC points.  Once your dog reaches 150 points you earn your first title. 

All dogs need an AKC number to play this game.  If you do not have a number then you can register for one here:  Registering Here 

This event is a very positive and exciting sport for you and your dog.  BOSS provides numerous sports and events that you can do with your dog.  We provide classes to help you connect with your dog to become a better companion.  We have a jammed packed Calendar for 2017 that will fit both your and your dog’s schedule.  Check us out at brylinschool.com.